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Asia Davis
Asia Davis

Hard like Brooklyn

Asia Davis
Next Move
I love you
Crash the Party
I Jam
Hard like Brooklyn
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Pink Bubble Gum
I Give Good Love

Proving she is not your average artist Asia Davis pushes it to the limits every time with mixtures of music she refuses to be boxed in so that she has a song for every genre and for every station to play.

Asia Davis


Asia Davis (born September 6) is an American singer, songwriter, and television personality. After singing in church during her childhood, she pursued a career in gospel music as a teenager. Davis performed at Julliard dance school, Lincoln Center Operas, Circus’, Broadway plays, African Dancing, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, Bachata, Salsa and Meringue which have great influences on Asia Davis’ stage performance and Choreography. While in N.Y. Miss Davis learned Spanish and also sings in Spanish.

As an active member of the NAACP, Davis formed a production company called A.F.M.I.R.K. which produced all of the major concerts throughout California. As head of the board Miss Davis is also a computer genius who studied stage lighting and concert coordination.


Davis later went on to win the Gold Country Competition that sent her on to compete in the California State Competition. In both competitions Davis won first place as the best singer in the state of California, sending her on to Nationals.

Currently Davis has released a single called “Hard like Brooklyn” and video in Japan, Canada, the US and many other countries. Davis owns a record label Asia’ Vu Records and a clothing line Asia’ Vu Clothing and while currently working on her album and looking forward to touring throughout Europe and abroad.

Although singing is Davis’ number one focus, Davis is also a, Director, actress and visual artist in her free time. While also member of the Grammy’s / Recording Academy, and collaborating with other famous artists. Davis is also a model for Couture, active in the community teaching and mentoring young children how to sing and helping the community.

Davis has triumphantly and victoriously overcome it all. She has headlined newspapers and has even been featured on the Jamie Foxes the Foxxx Hole and many other radio stations. Davis continues to create with great dignity, tenacity, honor, respect and integrity. She is timely prompt and professional.

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  • I knew you were going to but just keep it happening big bright shining star
    Harvey Levin
    TMZ Host
    Asia Davis
  • You are Next and a word of advice ``watch everything and everyone``. Take this show to the moon and dont stop for the haters, stay focus. We are proudly passing the baton to you Asia ! Go Run and dont look back! Enjoy your life!
    Angie Stone
    Asia Davis
  • Watch everyones Vices Davis, We knew you would make it. Proud we are. Soar high and land on both feet. We will be at those shows!
    Tony! Toni! Toné!
    Famous Musicians
  • Only time we ever had a standing ovation and request for an encore was wen you sang. We are always here if you want to come home! Love and support!
    The Block Party / Figarachi and all of us
    Band who played with Asia Davis
    Asia Davis
  • I have never seen such a talent, passion and love for music before. Always a star Asia!
    Wiz Khalifa
    Asia Davis
  • I will forever support you, a true person of your word, your mother would be proud of you as I am. You deserve this! Shoot for the galaxies so if you fall you fall on the stars.
    Quinton Aaron
    Actor from ``The Blind Side``
  • We have to get some fireworks but you already set the stage on fire!
    sean Conner
    Fan and co-star
  • God has a true calling on your life. It is aparent and obvious. Let your soul shine most beautifully.
    Lyfe Jennings
    Asia Davis
  • My Love you gone rock this world with that mic, Keep Grindin. You On!
    Snoop Dogg
    Fan and co-star
    Asia Davis
  • When the beat drop and you mary J Blidge it with some whitney and some street action ! DAMN
    Asia Davis
  • I didnt like you but now I love you greatest female artist to emerge in our time. Your making history, its a priveledge to know you!
    Love And Hip hop Los Angeles
    Asia Davis
  • Now I will be backstage cheering you on - Genuine
    Back Stage Cheering me on
    Asia Davis
  • We love you and are following your every move... You will always be my Headliner! ``Puts the booties in the seats`` as you call it.
    Sold Out Shows
    Asia Davis
  • The most excellent entertaining show with great talent! Exciting, pulsating, energy, I'm coming back it is so fun and pushing to the next level with no limits. She has a super image. YUP
    Deondrick Warren
    Security Guard Executive
  • You are a superstar and we are priveledge to have had the opportunity to showcase your talent before you blew up!
    Randy Hankins
    High School Tour
    Asia Davis
  • Get signed if you want to but you have the ability to make it with your strong team on your own. We will sign you if you change your mind!
    Universal Records

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