CRE Outreach Presents Asia Davis interviewed in Podcast by Coco Atama

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In Episode 2, Host Coco Atama (Theatre by the Blind) talks with Veterans Empowerment Theatre Director, Greg Shane as well as participants, Jesse Tobar and Asia Davis about their experiences in the military and their preparation for the upcoming production of “Silent Torment” written by U.S. Air Force MSgt, Daniel P. Ruffino. You can also hear an original song written by Asia David called “It’s My Life” which, along with several other songs will be featured in the production.

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Veterans Empowerment Theatre (VET) features a variety of performing arts workshops and opportunities that give our nation’s brave service members a safe environment to voice their own heroic stories, personal tragedies, triumphs, and experiences through theatre. For tickets to this and other shows visit www.BlueDoorCulver.com


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