Wiz Khalifa and Asia Davis behind stage

Asia Davis visits Wiz Khalifa

Asia Davis poses with friend Wiz Khalifa backstage at the ddub concert California at the Staples Center. Sponsored by Warner Records. At times it has seemed like footage from shows are hard to get. Pictures have been taken with artists to prove that I was there. Meanwhile the Pictures do not cover the whole story. Here I am working with Warner Records and meeting up with Wiz Khalifa in the back stage of his tent before he goes on stage. In the very begininning of his career, like so many others, I have been there and what is shocking mostly was Wiz Khalifas likeness to Snoop Dogg.

I remember being in the Urban Department at Warner Records working to promote his brand through marketing when I first came to Los Angeles. I think the most important part of being an artist such as myself is to only see the steps that need to be taken. And to not take the little things for granted. That is what has allowed me to do greater things in my life.

For Example: on 03/08/2019 late at night (No one is going to believe me but last night we went to):

5757 Wilshire SAG and AFTRA to file the certificates for the NAACP Image Awards. I held Kendrick Lamar, Cardi-B and Bruno Mars, award from the blackkklansman to the Queen Latifah, and soooooo many more artists and shows… I made the certificates for these atist that will be sent out to them or given to them on TV.

Wow I am getting closer to my dreams and I am thankful and greatful for my experience. We will be partying with them soon and will promise to take pictures of the event when we go. I didnt get pictures because it was very intimate and private. However we are invited to the actual party and show so I will be taking pictures then.

I, my family and my son were in the office ad we met some awesome girls and worked with them to get this project done before the show… We didnt get home until 12:00 PM.

And I want to thank Judy for allowing me to be apart of that team. Its The little things that make me happy. They add up to big sucesses! This is a small milestone but remember its not the finish line it is the journey. Thankful and Greatful for the small things!


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