Asia Davis and Snoop Dogg, California Stars, in Beverly Hills Press

Asia Davis and Snoop Dogg

Asia Davis parties in Beverly Hills with Snoop Dogg and stops to pose for a picture. These artists are to work with each other on an album in the future and the date is unknown. California State Idol and the Icon for the West Coast. Many people are looking forward to this album or single.

“Eventually I was told that I needed to get from behind the camera and start getting in front of the camera to lead. I believe that was when my life began to change for the first time. I began to see the real magic I possess inside of me like so many other have and for the first time I was alive. Music is not my calling, Music and I are one”

“I took and take great pride and creating a platform to change the foster youths direction and in the process I am able to keep the children on the right path through creativity and art. I am the perfect example of what can go wrong in a foster youths life and if there is one thing I can say is that if it can happen to someone I am not exempt. I was naive at times in my life and some how prevailed through my music. I will not say that things have been a bed of roses, no pleasure cruise, but I have paid my dues, I have done my sentence, and bad mistakes I have made a few, I have had my share of sand kicked in my face and I have come through and I am a champion of my own lane – Queen. I thank God for them all because through it all I became unstoppable and I became Asia Davis”

“I have always been a person in the background, and had a passion as an influencer, I coordinating the dots for upcoming artists. What has brought me the greatest joy is creating other peoples careers, managing and watching them flourish. I believe every ones is worthy and their dreams can come true if only you put your mind to it and make no challenge a defeating obstacle” – Asia Davis


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